Wrong Move: “Stonebwoy & His Manager Stole Kelvyn Boy From Me” – FrenchKiss DJ (Photos + Video)

FrenchKiss DJ first met and noticed the talent of Kelvin Brown aka Kelvyn Boy from a wedding booking back in April 2017. Kelvyn boy and his band (Suffer get Family) had also been booked to perform a live band segment. During the course of the wedding reception FrenchKiss Dj introduced himself to Kelvin, whom to his amazement already knew who FrenchKiss was and also admired his talent.

At that point FrenchKiss DJ made it clear he wanted to work with Kelvyn Boy and invited him down to his office/studio known as FK Media House/ FK Records (Dzorwulu) to do some recordings and they went on to exchange contact details.

From their first encounter on the 22nd April 2017 the two became musically connected and were continuously producing new music.

On Monday 8th May 2017 the now Ghana Music Awards Unsung Winner Kelvin Brown aka Kelvyn Boy signed a five year contract agreeing to be managed under FK Records. This signing between FrenchKiss DJ CEO of FK Records and Kelvin Brown was witnessed by Mickey Johnson, Charles Siebert and DJ Abui.

FrenchKiss DJ the CEO of FK Records had a lot of belief in Kelvyn and his abilities and due to this he invested his time and finances to help propel his career. Kelvyn’s talent began to get him noticed by many and he caught the eye of Ghanaian dancehall superstar Stonebwoy who showed great interest and approached Kelvyn direct to sign him to Bhim Nation Records.

The initial contract signed with FK Records in 2017, is still in legally binding meaning Kelvyn is still bound by the contractual obligations under this signed agreement.

Therefore, before Kelvyn can be released from this contract and enter into another management deal, his new management would need to contact his current management to release him from the terms of this contract for a sum of 50,000 ghc. As soon as FK Records got wind of Kelvyn Boys new signing the important clause stated in his FK Records contract was brought to the attention of Stonebwoy’s representative “Black Cedi” during a meeting between himself FrenchKiss Dj and other members of FK Records.

Despite Stonebwoy and his Team being fully aware of the conditions that were put in place, it is suggestive that they are purposely being ignored. Till date they have not made any formal nor informal contact to FK Records with regards to payment for the contract release of the named artist, nor have they put forward any form of offer with regards to a settlement deal.

Thus showing a high level of unprofessionalism and disregard for the effort placed in the discovery, investment and time in which FK Records had made. It is now official that Kelvyn Boy has legally breached the

terms of the contract with FK Records.

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Signing of Kelvynboy To FK Records


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