Vodafone Beats a music Streaming platform with over 30 million tracks to be Released in Ghana

According to Vodafone Music’s post dated  6th April 2017 with the caption

“Streaming is the future of music and at Spice Africa we’re collaborating with Vodafone to deliver music to you” Samuel Blay (Spice Africa) #VGMA2017 suggested the Telecom giant was working on a Music Streaming App.



Due to infrastructural development and the increase in numbers of smartphones in Africa, Vodafone will launch a product that will give users amazing listening experience.

Vodafone A star in the UK, Vodafone also has operations in Ghana, South Africa, and Egypt. With 439.6-million subscribers, it is the second largest network in the world, after China’s China Mobile. The Chinese company has 649.5-million subscribers of which almost three quarters is owned by the Chinese government.

Vodafone has been interested in music in Ghana for a while and looking at its sponsorship of Vodafone icon and the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, it is finally time to introduce its music streaming app.

According to sources, the app will be called Vodafone Beats and will be released within this month.

Vodafone Beatz is said to promise a very user-friendly, extremely localized online music streaming which of Corse will be a FREE to the public which focuses on the needs of African music lovers in Ghana.

According to our sources, the app comes with thousands of exclusive tracks from local and international artists for Ghanaians. With that already said one could tell the purpose of the app is dedicated to delivering the true African music spirit. Unlike other streaming apps on the continent, Vodafone Beatz said to include international hits to cater to your urbanite taste. According to our reliable source, the app will come with over 30 million tracks for users.

Our sources also tell us that one can listen to Vodafone Beatz on any iPhone, Android devices or on any Internet-enabled mobile phone browser. Vodafone Beatz works everywhere in Africa; however, there may be geographical or platform restrictions on some music.

However, users can enjoy Vodafone Beatz on any web-enabled mobile browser

Also one will need to have a Vodafone Beatz account which will enable you to get premium features like listening full songs, adding songs to your favorite playlist, dedication of songs to your loved ones, set any song as your CRBT and many more such features which I will include in my next post so stay tuned for of the Dailytechpro #TechBuzz


However, I did ask if the app supported offline playing considering the cost of internet and speed and yes it does. well, for off-line playing, the app will download the songs on your phone’s memory (Internal / External) consuming the storage space on your phone and the free storage capacity available on your phone, a number of songs can be downloaded by you for offline listening. With all this said one could tell that You do not need an internet connection for listening to your songs saved for offline listening.




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