The Internet Is Going Insane After Discovering J. Cole’s Alter Ego…

With less than 24 hours before North Carolina rap idol J. Cole’s fifth studio project K.O.D. debuts, fans are trying to figure out all they can about the project before its arrival.

Their investigation first began at the arcane cover artwork, which shows the sketch of a king-crowned Cole above drug-addicted children and skeletons. 12 tracks are slated for the project and was released with the unveiling of the art as well. Fans spotted a few mysterious names for the songs and some interesting fine print, but none as brow-raising as the feature found on two songs: KiLL edward.

As lauded by Dreamvillians everywhere, Cole’s latest projects aren’t feature-friendly, thus the internet is convinced that this unknown, suspicious moniker could only mean one thing: the introduction of Cole’s alter ego.

See how they’ve come to this conclusion below

Source || BET


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