So Sad: Yussif Commits Suicide, After 3years Of Being Unemployed

I’ve never felt this sober in my life; I write this with tears drawing contours on my cheeks.

I’ve this Muslim friend in my hood called Yussif. Yesterday I closed from work and got home around 7:18PM only to find him sitting at the corner of a park doing nothing. When he saw me coming, as usual ‘boys boys’ thing, he started “Poko, a hear say your money come oo”.. and I jokingly replied ” Charley the money de33 ecome but time no dey to spend am”.(I lied). Right after saying that, I could see sadness written all over his face but I ignored it, cracked few jokes with him and started walking home. He called me back and said, “Poko, Charley ehard oo. A come dey house like 3years after uni but no job. Momee too dey give me pressure say make a do wild den start life. A dey see say boys all dey go dey come but me p3 notin dey go on give me. A see you p3, den a shy. You plete uni and now you dey job fine fine. Hommie, a dey feel say abi waste oo”.a just wan end everything and be free”….

My friend got me all sober with his lamentations but there was little I could do to help. I simply said ” Charley ego bee, gave him 10gh but he declined. That was how my meeting with him ended.

I’m here on my bed watching movies and I can hear shouts and cries from their compound. Only to go out and find out that My friend Yussif just committed suicide this dawn; he took some unprescribed drugs in excess.

Yussif, the first and only son of his parents is dead and gone.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the latter part of his lamentations(I know you didn’t read it, go back and read).

Maybe I should have told him, me being all dressed up for work doesn’t mean i work in any big company but I only go to town for “kpakpakpa” to make a living.

Maybe I should have spent hours talking to him when I saw him at the corner of the park.

Maybe I shouldn’t have lied that “I’ve made more money now after university and only needed time to spend the it’. I only said that to portray satire.

Maybe when he declined my 10gh offer, I should have assisted and ensured he bought some food with that money.

Maybe I should have gone home with him and spend time watching videos on 4syte-TV together. Just to take his mind off stress and over thinking.

Maybe most importantly I should have spent hours convincing him that ” no where cool ” and that we all are suffering but choose to keep it to ourselves.

I don’t know why, but a part of me feels I could have somewhat prevented this suicide.

Suicide is real

If you find a friend suffering from depression or over thinking and continually makes suicidal remarks, get closer to him/her to talk them out.

Rest in Peace Yussif!


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