Sex without romance is like a desert, dry and empty.



Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to learn how to properly romanticize your partner? We all know that not all of us are lucky to have that passion during sex with our partner. You love your partner so much yet seem to be out of sync with them during sex. Other than serious issues that might be going on, a simple reason could be that something is just missing. In order for a connection to be considered a connection, everything has to be connected. And that means physically, emotionally and of course sexually. A simple solution would be to sit back, take a good look at your partner, and ask yourself, what about them turns you on. Once you figure that out, all you have to do is focus on that one thing on them or that one thing they do that makes you aroused. Remember, sex is supposed to happen naturally, forcing it or even planning it could ruin the passion that’s supposed to be there. If you’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed it’s better to take a step back. Sometimes it may feel like you’re having sex with your partner just to have sex, with no passion, no foreplay and absolutely no romance. It will get to the point where the relationship will suffer because of the lack of romance. Sex without romance is like a desert, dry and empty.



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