Sad Truth: It’ll Only Take #VGMA2018 To Save Moesha From Social Media Trolls

There’s a saying that you don’t add injury to a man dying in pain, On Wednesday 11th of April 2018 a night didn’t go well for many football lovers especially Juventus who lost to Madrid despite a 3-1 Win on away goals

Barcelona fans expected Real Madrid to drop out of the Semi Finals race in the Champions League but rather their heart got broken when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty kick which was critically assumed as “Favoritism” on Madrid’s behalf by football panelist around the globe.

All was not good because people went home with their hearts broken, hoping to wake up to a beautiful day and forget their woes until Moesha came with what is termed as the “Dumbest Interview” ever on an international platform granted to a Ghanaian.

In the interview, Moesha made it known to Christiane Amanpour, a CNN representative that a typical ghanaian girl needs a “Suga Pie” before she can live up to her expectations as a young woman due to our current economical challenges.

MOESHA: “Ghana, our economy is such in a way that you just need someone to take care of you; as a woman here, you can’t make enough money”

I just started work, where do I get money to pay for 2 years rent? She asked

Interviewer: (Shocked) “Are you telling me that basically you are having sex with this guy essentially to pay your rent?”

MOESHA: (Ignorantly admits)..” because he can afford to take care of me”. Then she goes on to explain that the needs of a Ghanaian woman is an apartment and a car.

In our society today people are scared to come out of their shell and speak the truth just because they’ll receive criticisms.

Obviously Moesha is not that type of person, rent issues in Ghana is not something to write home about, young adults struggle to make ends meet to afford a Single Room, Self Contained Apartment.

On the other hand, girls who can’t afford a room goes into prostitution or trade themselves in for Shelter, what according Abraham Maslow’s theory is the basic or fundamental human needs.

In his analysis, we learnt in a hierarchy, that food and shelter falls under basic or physiological needs.

For some girls, guys take advantage of them the very moment they notice they’re homeless or don’t have a place to lay your head and it’s so sad.

They’ll ask you to move in with them with Sweety talks and start using you as a “sex toy”

But Accra We Dey, you know say your boy for grind … just like Manifest said in “Mene Woa” song

We all know it’s not easy out here but at least sex for money is not a thing Rock3sixty.Com will support any day. How do they survive?

The only problem with Moesha is that she takes delight in going for “married men” which is morally not a good example for our youth.

It’s definitely not the way to go! She could have said all that without backing it with “funds & sponsorship” from married men is what keeps her surviving. There are still some good women out there working their ass off to put families together, others are taking high office positions to empower the community etc.

It’s will only take excitements and discussions on issues emerging from Ghana’s Biggest Music Night #VGMA’s2018 that will take this brouhaha from the minds of Ghanaians.

What’s your take on this?

Source || Kay Joliey W.


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