Pastor Mensah Otabil Sends A Message To Moesha, Here’s What He Had To Say About Moesha’s Confession That She Sleeps With A Married Man

Moesha’s confession on CNN has sparked a lot of conversations on social media and several Ghanaians and personalities have shared their ‘two cents’ on her confession that she sleeps with a married man to make money because the economy is hard in Ghana and does not make things easier for women to make enough money.

Revered man of God, Pastor Mensah Otabil must have also read or heard about Moesha’s wild confession and in a series of tweets, have subtly ‘dissed’ Moesha, while giving advice to everyone at the same time.

Now this tweet is for that married man sponsoring Moesha and all men who are doing so

well these were his words and i would like to ask if you agree with him? dont hesitate to comment below now.


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