Our World Today:Queen Farcadi Defends Prostitution on National Television

A 22-year-old Ghanaian pro-stitute, Queen Farcadi in an interview with Berla Mundi on the “Late Afternoon Show” revealed how much she rakes in from her line of business.

During her interview she disclosed how much she earns from engaging in pro- stitution.

Speaking on the show, Farcadi who runs a premium snapchat disclosed to Berla Mundi that she makes GH¢30,000 a month from the pro- stitution business, thus GH¢10,000 offline and GH¢20,000 online which is the equivalent of 2.3 Million Naira.

She further added that she does not feel ashamed of what does but rather feels very comfortable since she does not need to commit mur- der or do dr- ugs in other to make money.

“So far as I’m not doing drugs and I’m using my bo -dy to make money, I don’t care,” Queen Farcadi said.

Queen Farcadi is a mother of one who makes a lot of money from her premium snap-chat account, and has over 50, 000 followers on Instagram.

What saddens my heart is the fact that we’re giving publicity on people like this to influence our younger ones. GhOne TV could have given airtime to a more productive persons.



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