Night School Trailer: Kevin Hart & Girls Trip Team Join Forces

The first trailer for Kevin Hart’s comedy Night School pairs him up with Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish. In an age of blockbusters and superheroes, comedies have somewhat fallen by the wayside at the box office. That isn’t from a lack of trying from studios though. Despite the shortage of great comedies, the past few years have proved there’s still money to be made with the genre. Just looking at the some of the top earners domestically of late, Kevin Hart and women-led comedies have been hits.

The biggest comedy domestically last year, Girls Trip, was a surprise success and gave Tiffany Haddish a true breakout role. This quickly led to her joining multiple projects, including a reunion with Girls Trip director Malcolm D. Lee on Night School. Under his direction, Haddish stars alongside Hart, and now we get to see the results.

The trailer obviously showcases the comedic abilities of both Hart and Haddish, and the fun interplay that their characters will have. But, it also introduces the rest of the comedy-heavy cast. Parks and Recreation alum Ben Schwartz, SNL‘s Taran Killam, and Rob Riggle round out the supporting crew, along with Megalyn Echikunwoke, Keith David, and even Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Jacob Batalon. Outside of the comedic aspects that Night School is hoping to provide, the trailer also sets up the film’s story. Hart’s character is a great salesman, who finds himself unemployed following an explosion at his shop. He’s unable to land a job he wants because he didn’t graduate high school, sending him into Haddish’s classroom.

After her raunchy, scene-stealing role in Girls Trip, this looks to be a very different role for Haddish. It doesn’t look like she’s having any trouble adjusting, and playing off Hart will help with that transition. But, with this being a green-band trailer and no MPAA rating determined, we’ll have to wait and see if this is a PG-13 comedy, or if an R-rated and red-band trailer is still to come. Considering the content of this trailer and its tone, the former appears to be more likely.


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