Five Cameroon athletes missing from Commonwealth Games

Five Cameroonian athletes have been reported missing from the Commonwealth Games athletes village, with suspicion they have fled with the intention not to return home.

Weightlifter Olivier Matam Matam and boxers Christian Ndzie Tsoye and Simplice Fotsala have been missing since earlier this week, while weightlifters Arcangeline Fouodji Sonkbou and Petit Minkoumba went missing on Tuesday.

All had competed except Tsoye, who failed to show up for his weigh-in for his 91kg quarter-final on Tuesday, granting his opponent a walk-over victory.

Queensland police have been notified of the athletes’ disappearance.

Cameroon team manager Victor Agbor Nso told the country’s state broadcaster it was unfortunate for the country and its international image.

“We have officially informed our hierarchy back home: the ministry of sports and the president of the National Olympic Committee of Cameroon.

“We have also laid formal complaint to the Australian police.”

The Queensland Commonwealth Games minister, Kate Jones, said the Australian federal police were “keeping a watching brief on these athletes”.

“When an athlete comes to Australia to compete in a competition we expect them to front up on the field and compete, so we are disappointed about that.”

Before the Games began, the home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, warned that all athletes would be closely monitored to ensure they did not overstay their visas and returned home after competition ended


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