Titanic II: Jack’s Back: Releasing Trailer Suddenly Make People Freak Out (Video)

This glamorous trailer has received over 47.6 million views and hundreds of likes. Indeed, the attraction of the Titanic over the past 20 years has never been reduced

At the end of the movie Titanic, Rose at old throws a diamond pendant named Blue Ocean Heart into the sea. However, if you think that’s the end then you’re wrong. Why? After 20 years, the Titanic’s second season finally releases the trailer, and Jack will have to defend himself against the corrupt police force in a completely strange city in the future and seek the truth about the sinking of the Titanic. And can he find Rose in the old days, or was she really dead and now Jack is alone?

Jack was brought up from the bottom of the ocean after more than 100 years of death. But in fact, he was only frozen.

Having slept in ice for more than a century, Jack could not adapt to the normal environment and had to live in a super-cold room.

As the first and only survivor of a submarine for the longest time, Jack has become a “savior” for organizations, both private and government, especially the police. He was constantly chased and threatened.

The fact that he survived also became the topic of the world and people also took advantage of the opportunity to set up the film as well as musicals about him.

Is not it interesting? You must still believe that the Titanic is actually has part 2 and that the audience will see a young handsome Leonardo DiCaprio right?

So, please apologize to you, not April Fools, but you have been eaten with a spectacular trick, because this is just a fanmade trailer of a netizen. And if you’re a US-UK film-maker or Leo fan, it’s easy to recognize that scenes taken from a lot of other movies like The Basketball Diaries, Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator … and many other classic films. Now the truth is hard, there is heart-breaking to be free to cry, because Jack will never return.


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