With the advent and prevalence of smartphones, many people tend to complain about the short life span of their phone batteries and data plans.

Rock3sixty have some few tips to save data and battery.

Make sure you turn off your data once you are done with whatever you are doing. When you are idle and do not have anything doing on the phone, please turn it off as leaving it on will consume data even though it is not in use. This is because most apps run in the background and whiles they are not being used, consume data slowly. Also turning off data when charging and during midnight helps a lot

Clear all applications once you are done with them. Applications such YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook can be termed as power intensive apps and drain battery significantly once they are open. Even if there are running in the background, the drain battery slowly. The best way to curb this menace is to clear all apps by clear them.

For iPhone users this this done by tapping the home button twice quickly and swiping the applications upwards. For android users (OS 5.1 and above) this is done by tapping the recent apps buttons and tapping the clear all button. For android up to 4 to 5, this is done by holding the home button for two-second period and clearing the apps as they pop up.

Turn of data for individual apps. This done by setting. You tap settings, go to application manager and turn of the internet access for apps you use are using immediately. When you want to use them simply follow the steps and you turn them back on.

Finally yet importantly, when you feel you are nearly out of battery do not use the flight mode option or turning it one. This is because returning to normal service takes extra battery and in the end you lose what you were jealously trying to save.  For android users, put your phone in extreme power mode or maximum power mode. This rather prevents you from using most apps and saves you the extra percentage your battery you require.

Try this and give us your feedback.



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