Ghanaian Fitness Model Modesta Boafo Rising Gem in New York

Hello, my name is Modesta Boafo. I was born in Ghana, West Africa. I am a Business Management Major at the College of Staten Island. My interests are Fitness and Traveling. I currently live in Bronx, New York with my mother and brother.

My mother moved to New York in 2010 with my little brother and we have been living here ever since. I remember as a child, growing up, I was outgoing and sociable. In high school, I recall always wanting to be more active, so I loved “gym period” and always passed that class with an “A” it is also where I developed my love for volley ball, so I participated in after school volleyball as well. 

Fitness, became a part of my lifestyle when I started college. I always have friends asking “how do you look so good?” my response “I Workout”.  From there people were interested in working out with me so I started to workout with my friends. They also wanted to transform their habits and build a healthier lifestyle and that’s when I started to realize I had a passion for it. Then I Began: WorkOutWithYaa #WOWYaa. My inspiration came from the responses I got from training videos with my friends and colleagues and positive comments from followers on social media. 
We live in a time where fitness is booming and the feedback was highly noticeable. This led to photographers wanting to work with me to pose as a Fitness Model. Sooner or later I was featured on different well known pages with huge fan bases modelling clothing apparel and concepts that exemplified black beauty.

By far, this has all been an amazing journey for me. I have evolved rapidly and I have been noticed in a way I never imagined. I am beyond grateful to God for each and every one of them and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I would like to thank the whole team at Rock3Sixty for the chance to be featured on your platform and I believe this will lead to other doors as well. God bless you.

Overall, my goal as a first generational student is to graduate with my degree and explore jobs that befit me in the corporate world. The future with my brand #WorkOutWithYaa is bright because it will always be in my heart. It’s my God given talent and I have a passion for it. So whether I make it a career or not, the joy of helping someone reach their fitness goals is a price that cannot be afforded. I say this because to get someone a step closer in saving their life, is beyond priceless.


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