Get To Know About Samsung S9 And It’s Rivals.

The Galaxy S9 most formidable rival is the iPhone X, no doubt about this. It has never been Android vs.. iOS with Samsung and Apple, it’s been an all-out war between companies.

Apple might have joined the bezel-less class late, but it did that in the typical Cupertino-controversial way – changing everything and making it Apple’s with the infamous notch. And while those two battle in their own way, it still boils down to Android vs. iOS for you, unless a second telephoto cam and small footprint are of utmost importance.

Google has its own Pixel 2 to show off the true power of Pure Android. It’s not as pretty, or powerful, but is cheaper, has some cool proprietary features, snaps better selfies, and does bokeh with one camera unlike anyone else.

Then there is the good ol’ Galaxy S8 with a noticeable priced cut, which offers everything the Galaxy S9 has but the additional f/2.4 aperture and 960fps slow-mo of the main camera. Nobody would be able to tell the difference in the processing power for the years to come, so unless the new aperture is a must, you might consider buying or sticking to the Galaxy S8.

The Verdict

The Galaxy S is not the trendsetter it once was, but the S9 is the only continuation that could ever be. Samsung is proficient in refining enough in hardware and user experience each year, and when there is nothing groundbreaking to show off, the surprises may come from unexpected places.

The Galaxy S9 may be failing to wow with the design but makes up for that with performance and new camera skills. And while it may not be a bokeh king, the S9 excels where it matters – in still and image quality.

Author: Alexander Ojibah

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