Friends or Enemies

We all have that one friend we love but secretly don’t trust. When in a great romantic relationship, you’d expect your friends to be happy for you. But not all of them will, in fact they might wish for the down fall of your relationship. So running to them after every little issue in your relationship might be a bad idea. Our friends influence our lives in so many ways, weather we realize it or not. When we have relationship problems, it feels better to tell someone especially a friend and get their advice. You’d think there’s no harm in letting a friend know everything that’s going on in your relationship, but there is. Some people may act like your friend, but may not actually be your friend. It’s easy for someone to become jealous of your romantic relationship and do things to sabotage it. As your friend they have the power to influence you, by giving you bad advice regarding your relationship. And of course we usually take the advice our friends give us, and later realize that it only made things worse. At the moment when you’re telling them what’s going on, you become vulnerable by letting them know everything, and that is their chance to take advantage of the trust you have for them. Be careful who you trust with your relationship issues, because your friend might just be your enemy.



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