Fellatio: Shatta Movement’s Die Hard Fan Wrote This Open Letter To Their King & It’s Priceless (Video)

I’ve always defended SM and love every thing wale does since I started supporting him. But I must say he has disappointed me a lot. I’ll say this and repeat it again. No responsible , sensible person will post such a horrible thing like this for the whole world to see !You may be rich but I know a 5 years old boy who will not even do what he did. Fame and money they say change people. Remember the people closer to you who ain’t criticizing you because of the little change they get from you will be the same people laughing at you when things aren’t going well. …And dos of you ignorant fools throwing shades listen to me yes no one was appointed to join shatta movement …..I love wale cos of hes realness reasons why I love

Him ….we all know dancehall is dirty but ders a limit to everything ..yall thinking of the present none of you are thinking of the future ….. if you truely love wale you will understand what am saying ….the supposed video was a mistake like he claimed nothing would have happened if he comes out to apologise is just simple .. .

Yes we all watch porn n suck dicks in private …

Ask yourself why we don’t fuck just anywhere

Go and Google the work (privacy)

Shattawale is not just anybody oooo a lot of people look up to him for crying out loud …the least he can do is to have a little respect for himself and his brand ….

Me personally Am not talking to so many people becos of SM….Am even having problems home becos of sm…unless I don’t hear someone saying something bad about the king I make sure i fight n defend him …so if we are doing all these n things like this keeps popping out how will I feel ?????? See how we are being mocked ……it would have been lovely if he apologise ….but look at the video he did after the incidence ….very pathetic. ….

Am not part of those who receive momo n salary from the king …..so I have every right to say how I feel …..most of you can’t talk cos you know what you have been doing …

I have said my mind if anyone has a problem please come n face me……stop displacing ignorance in your posts.

I still love wale regardless

You can also watch video here on Instagram


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